Plenary sessions


Monday, 12 December

Introductory session
  • Welcoming address from the organisers and sponsors 
    • Jean-Luc Khalfaoui, Director General in charge of Research and Strategy, CIRAD, CIRAD, France. Video
    • Gautier Mignot, Deputy General Director of Mondialisation Department, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs MAEDI, France. Video
  • Welcome and opening remarks 
    • Isabelle Touzard, Deputy Chairperson, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, France. Video
    • Roberto Ridolfi, EuropeAid, Belgium: "Achieving the SDGs through Agri-Chains - a focus on Private Public Partnerships"  Video
    • Melissa Leach, Vice Chair Future Earth, IDS, UK:" Agri-Chains and Sustainable Development: what role for international research".  Video
    • Estelle Bienabe, CIRAD, Vietnam: key insights from CIRAD’s publication "Sustainable Development and Tropical Agri- chains"  Video   /  Slides
First plenary session “Performance and evaluation of agri-chains with respect to the SDGs”
  • Introductory keynotes  Video
    • Alexander Mueller,  German Council for Sustainable Development, UNEP, Germany - "Mapping and perspective of the 2030 Agenda in terms of Agri-Chains"  Video
    • Larry Busch, Michigan State University, USA "Is Sustainability Sustainable? Addressing the Contradictions of Sustainable Value Chains"   Video   /  Slides
  • Facilitated panel discussion   

Tuesday, 13 December

Second plenary session: “Public policies and agri-chain governance mechanisms at different scales in support of the SDGs”
  • Introductory keynotes:  Video
    • Nora McKeon, University of Rome 3, Italy "Interrogating the narratives: multistakeholder governance, PPPs, and agri-value chains"  Video   /  Slides
    • Emmanuelle Cheyns, CIRAD, France "Transnational voluntary standards for sustainability: do they deliver on their promises ?"  
  • Other panelists:
    • Clément Chenost, Investment and Technical Director, Moringa Fund, France Video
    • Ibrahima Coulibaly, Chair CNOP, vicechair, Réseau des organisations Paysannes et des Producteurs Agricoles de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (ROPPA), Mali Video , Audio english version
    • Kristell Guizouarn, Director of Sustainable Development, Avril, France Video , Audio english version
    • Bernard Rey, Deputy Head of food security, rural development, nutrition - EuropeAid, Belgium Video

Wednesday, 14 December

Third plenary session: “Concrete innovations and partnerships for building and transforming agri-chains towards sustainable development” 

Introductory keynotes:  Video

  • Harriet Friedmann, University of Toronto, Canada - "From Hierarchy to Panarchy: Case study of a ten year transition towards more sustainable supply networks Video , Audio english version   /  Slides

Facilitated panel discussion:

Third plenary debate  Video

Conclusive session
  • Key messages from the conference sessions
  • Round table with 7 speakers representing value chains operators and donors to discuss about their feedback and expectations
  • Debate on ways forward: Which roadmap for research and action on agricultural chains and sustainable development?; Video , Audio english version
Conclusive address

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