Kristell Guizouarn

Director of Sustainable Development, AVRIL



Kristell Guizouarn is a graduate from the IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole) School in petroleum products and IC engineering. She holds an engineering degree in Agronomy with a specialization in Environmental Sciences and is a postgraduate in Agronomical Sciences. In 2005, Kristell Guizouarn joined Diester Industrie (SAIPOL), first European biodiesel producer. In 2007, she was appointed Research Development and Quality Manager. Kristell Guizouarn is involved in the standardization works at the French and international level for fuels, biofuels and sustainability issues. She chairs the Technical Working Group of the European Biodiesel Board. Since 2012, she also chairs the French biodiesel board Esterifrance. In September 2015, she received on behalf of the French magazine L’Usine Nouvelle the award of the Sustainable development woman 2015 as well as the award of the Woman of the Industry 2015.

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