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Last update: 23 February 2017

Session 1 (special)  “Linking public policies and agri-chain governance mechanisms to support the SDGs: Lessons and challenges from and for forest landscapes”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 11:00-13:00 - Hall Einstein
Chair: Pablo Pacheco, CIFOR, Indonesia
11:00 Introduction: Pablo Pachero, CIFOR, Indonesia & Marie-Gabrielle Piketty, CIRAD, France
11.05 Governing the beef supply chain in the Brazilian Amazon: Progress and limits in shaping the transition towards a sustainable development
 Isabel Garcia-Drigo, CIRAD, France
11:25 From zero-deforestation cocoa to sustainable chocolate value chains
 Marisa Camargo, Indufor, Finland
11:45 Managing Olam rubber plantation's impacts in a forest area in Gabon: Rethinking the horizontal dimension of Sustainable Supply Chain Governance systems
 Stéphane Guéneau, CIRAD, Brazil
12:00 Soy value chain, agriculture expansion and savannahs' conversion in Brazilian Cerrado: linking global governance mechanisms and local political dynamics
 Pierre-Marie Aubert, IDDRI, France
12:25 Mitigating the negative impacts of the maize boom on landscapes and livelihoods in Laos
 Jean-Christophe Castella, IRD, Laos
12:45 Roundtable/Discussion with presentation of the poster Linking sustainable production and enhanced landscape governance in the Amazon: Towards territorial certification, TerraCert, Isabel Garcia-Drigo, PDGR, Brazil

Session 2 (special)  “Dairy industry sharing sustainable development goals - Emphasizing the diversity of development pathways"

Tuesday Dec. 13, 8:30-10:30 - Room Sully 1
Chair: Isabelle Beltenweck, ILRI and Djibi Djia, ISRA
8:30 Are investments of milk corporations in developing countries likely to promote socially sustainable business? Lessons learnt from inclusive business models in West-Africa and South-East Asia
 Guillaume Duteurtre and Christian Corniaux, CIRAD, France
8:50 Acknowledging social negative loops in inclusive business: an Egyptian case study of dairy sourcing
 Annabelle Daburon, CIRAD, France
9:10 Stabilising producers' conditions to access market through cooperative institutional innovations: the case of India
 Marie Dervillé, ENSFEA, France
9:30 The transition of animal farming in Vietnam: from semi-subsistence to commercial systems
Jean-Daniel Cesaro & Guillaume Duteurtre, CIRAD, France
10.00 Discussion

Session 2bis (special) “Dairy industry sharing SDGs: Focus on Africa”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 17:00 - Hall Einstein
Chair: Guillaume Duteurtre, CIRAD, France
Round table discussion with:
. Nebojsa Radabovic, Director Africa Milk cycle, Danone, France
. Isabelle Baltenweck, ILRI, Kenya
. Serge Aubagne, Care Niger
. Philippe Lecomte, CIRAD, France

Session 3 (special)  "Climate Smart Cocoa: The emerging case for public-private partnerships in response to deforestation and climate change"

Wednesday  Dec. 14, 11:00-13:00 - Sully 1
Chair: Ethan Budiansky, World Cocoa Foundation, USA
11:00 Introductory presentation - Climate Smart Cocoa: Building private sector engagement and investment in response to deforestation and climate change
Ethan Budiansky,World Cocoa Fundation
11:20 An innovative public/private partnership for a sustainable transformation of the cocoa agri-chain in the Dominican Republic
Olivier Deheuvels, CIRAD, France
11:40 Is our chocolate melting away ?
Christian Bunn, CIAT, Columbia
12:00 Round table discussion facilitadet by Lucian Peppelenbos  with the particpation of:
. Pierre Costet, Valrhona, France
. Martin Gilmour, Mars Inc., UK
. Marisa Camargo, IIED, UK
. Clément Chenost, Moringa Fund, France

Session 4 (special)  "Global commodity chains and sustainability in Latin America: changes towards sustainable development in trade of agrifood products"

Tuesday Dec. 13,8:30-10:30 - Sully 3
Chair: Pablo Perez Akaki, UNAM, Mexico
8.30 Mexican agrifood Geographical Indications: between productivity and sustainability
Pablo Perez-Akaki, UNAM, Mexico
8.50 Global Value Chains for sustainable development of primary producers of coffee in Mexico
Marisol Velazquez, Centros Culturales de México, Mexico
9.10 Coffee chain in El Salvador: An approach on the influence on the Sustainable Development of the Western Region
Gilma Lizama, University of El Salvador, Salvador
9.20 Sustainability in Rural territories participating in global value chains. Cases of Costa Rican agroindustrial-chains
Rafael Diaz, Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica 
9.40 Sustainable label and governance of global value chain: insights from coffee value chains in Latin American countries
Jean-Francois Le Coq, CIRAD, France
10.00 Agro-ecological products qualification and certification participatory initiatives effects of Brazilian public policies
Eric Sabourin, CIRAD, Brazil 
10:20 Discussion

Session 5 (special) “Strengthening the capacities needed to make multi-stakeholder partnerships for innovation in agri-chains work in practice”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 8:30-10:30 - Room Louisville
Chair: Myra Wopereis-Pura, ICRA, France & Aurélie Toillier, CIRAD, Burkina Faso
8:30 Welcome and session objectives
Bernard Hubert, Agropolis international, France & Richard Hawkins, ICRA, The Netherlands
8:45 Poster walk
Organic agriculture & food security in Cameroon
Bayiha Gerard De La Paix, Université de Yaoundé II, Cameroon
The case of Myanmar: after 50 years of dictatorship, making the leapfrogging possible in agriculture
Ei Khin Khin, Green Lotus, Myanmar
Agriculture innovation partnerships in Angola: successful stories
Paulo Clemente de Oliveira, African Innovation Foundation, Angola
Transition in agricultural innovation and development: A Case Study of Bt Cotton System in Burkina Faso
Eveline Compaore, CNRST, Burkina Faso
Exploring capacity to innovate concepts and its assessment in Cameroon
Sophie Allebone-Webb, CIRAD, Montpellier
Government versus private sector led innovation partnerships in Ethiopia: challenges and opportunities for capacity development
Amanuel Assefa Ezezew, World Bank Grop, Ethiopia
Roots to empowerment
Toon Defoer, ICRA, France
9:10 Poster discussion & summary of poster session
Facilitated by Richard Hawkins, ICRA, The Netherlands
9:35 Theories and Frameworks that help to shape and support actions
9:35 Innovation platforms and value chains: technological innovations and sustainability in the Ivorian plantain value chains
Euphrasie Angbo-Kouakou, CIRAD, France
9:45 Capacity For Change: The Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems
Christian Hoste, Agreenium, France
9:55 Scaling inclusive development: assessing the outreach and leverage of agri-chain partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa
Sietze Vellema, WUR, The Netherlands
10:05 How to support innovation processes in agricultural sector? Diversity and complexity of situations of innovation in Burkina
Aurélie Toillier, CIRAD, Burkina Faso

Session 5 bis (special)  “Strengthening the capacities needed to make multi-stakeholder partnerships for innovation in agri-chains work in practice”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 11:00-13:00  Room Louisville
Chairs: Myra Wopereis-Pura, ICRA, France, Aurélie Toillier, CIRAD, Burkina Faso & Ludovic Temple, CIRAD, France
11:00 Facilitated discussions: developping impact pathways
With speakers & poster presenter of session 5
11:45 Summary and conclusions of the session

Session 6 "Private standards in agri-chains: evaluating their outcomes and assessing their impact".

Tuesday Dec. 13, 8:30-10:30 - Sully 2
Chairs: Larry Bush, Michigan State University, USA & Benoît Daviron, CIRAD, France
8:30 Fair Trade for All on smallholder farmers and farmworkers
 Martha Lilia Del Rio Duque, CIAT, Colombia
8:50 The role of certification on hired labour in banana plantations– cross country analysis of economic, social and empowerment benefits
 Fedes van Rijn, WUR, The Netherlands
9:10 Fair deal or ordeal? Enquiry into the sustainability of commercial banana production in the Lao PDR
 Vongpaphane Manivong, NAFRI, Laos
9:30 Evaluation of the FSC forest certification scheme in Brazil: a three level approach
 Stéphane Guéneau, CIRAD, Brazil
9:50 Smallholders and the inclusion debates in certification schemes: Perspectives from palm oil certification in Thailand and Malaysia.
 Marcel Djama, CIRAD, Malaysia
10:10 Discussion

Session 7 (special)  “Institutional innovations for sustainable food systems: practitioner experiences in ‘transitions in the making’”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 8:30-10:30 - Hall Einstein
Chair: Allison Loconto, INRA, France
8:30  Welcome & introduction to institutional innovations
Allison Loconto
8:40 Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) as innovative institutional approach towards sustainable production.
John Mathew, Keystone Foundation, India and IFOAM and Julie Matovu, FreshVeggies Ltd., Uganda
8:55 Community supported agriculture: innovative ways to share risk among producers and consumers
Judith Hitchman, Urgenci International Community Supported Ag, France and Fernando Nacpil, NEDEX, Philippines
9:10 Institutional innovations for and with indigenous and ethnic communities
Krystyna Swiderska, IIED and Dr Yiching Song, Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP), China
9:25 Geographical indications: a tool for territorial diffusion of innovations?
Stéphane Fournier, Montpellier SupAgro, France and Emilie Vandecandelaere, FAO, Italy
9:40-10:30 Round Table moderated by Anne-Sophie Poisot, FAO, Italy followed by open discussion

Session 8 (special)  “Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS): a value chain innovation to boost smallholder quality management”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 11:00-13:00 Room Sully 2
Chairs: Tu Thi Tuyet Nhung, PGS, Vietnam & Dao The Anh, Casrad, Vietnam
11:00 Participatory guarantee system (PGS) - the sustainability assessment for vegetable in Red River Delta- Vietnam,
Dao The Anh, CASRAD, Vietnam
11:20 The Building of Agri-Chains toward Sustainable Community Development: Experiences of applying PGS for Organic and Diversified agricultural production in Ben Tre Province
Mayu Ino, Seed to Table, Vietnam
11:40 Participatory Guarantee System, a management tool for value chain development - A lesson learnt from Vietnam,
Tu Thi Tuyet Nhung, PGS, Vietnam
11:50 Short and Small vs Long and Big Supply Chains: the case of Bac Tom
Dao The Anh, CASRAD, Vietnam
12:00 Scaling Up Sustainable Food Systems In A Local Context: An experience of the Freshveggies PGS scheme in Wakiso, Uganda
Julie Nakalanda Matovu, Freshveggies PGS, Uganda
12:10 Collaborative Short Food Supply Chain to make market inclusive for smallholder farmers: case of Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in Vietnam
Tu Thi Tuyet Nhung, PGS, Vietnam
12:30 Discussion

Session 9 (special)  “City driven food chains and sustainable development”

Wednesday Dec. 14, 11:00-13:00
Chair: Ophélie Robineau, Paule Moustier & Nicolas Bricas, CIRAD, France
11:00 Transformation of the vegetable supply chain in Mar del Plata (Argentina) in the face of raising health concerns
Ophélie Robineau, CIRAD, France
11:20 Sustainable development impacts of various ways to modernize urban food distribution: the case of vegetables in Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Tan Loc, Fruit & vegetable research institute, Vietnam
11:40 Landscape factors influencing sustainable food agri-chain innovation: The role of place in the Toronto experience of Local Food Plus
Wayne Roberts, Wilfried Laurier University, USA
12:00 Are food losses and waste overestimated in developing countries?
Géraldine Chaboud, CIRAD, France
12:20 Vulnerability and resilience of the urban food system to extreme weather: A Case study of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Christina Semasinghe, IWMI, Sri Lanka
12:30 Resilience of Rural-Urban Food Flows in West Africa
Hanna Karg, IWMI, Sri Lanka

Session 10 (special)  "Innovations in approaches and tools for inclusive and efficient value chain development"

Tuesday Dec. 13, 11:00-13:00
Chair: Maximo Torero, IFFRI, USA
11:00 Innovation for Inclusive Value-Chain Development, Successes and Challenges
André Devaux, CIP, Ecuador  
11:20 Gender equity in value chain and livelihoods development: Innovative Approaches and Tools
Dietmar Stoian, Bioversity International, France
11:40 Inclusive and Efficient Value Chains
Maximo Torero, IFPRI, USA
12.00 Assessing Equity in Value Chains through a Participatory Guide to Business Models that Link Smallholders to Markets: Insights from LINK Application across Diverse Value Chain Settings
Matthias Jaeger, CIAT, Colombia     
12:20  Measuring and simulating trust in value chain development
Christine Plaisier, WUR, the Netherlands
12.30: Discussion

Session 10 bis (special)  "Innovations in approaches and tools for inclusive and efficient value chain development"

Wednesday Dec. 14, 11:00-13:00
Chair: Maximo Torero, IFFRI, USA
11:00 Commercial and Inclusive Value Chains: Doing good and doing well
John Belt, KIT, The Netherlands
11:20 Household asset endowments and implications for Inclusive value chains
Jason Donovan, ICRAF, Peru
11:40 Factors influencing successful inclusion of small farmers in modern value chains in ACP countries
Andrew Shepherd, CTA, The Netherlands
12:00 Cross-border Trade and women in Value Chain development
Florence Tartanac, FAO, Italy
12:20 Discussion

Session 11: “Linking global value chains and territories: conceptual insights for understanding and ensuring sustainability at different scales”

Wednesday Dec. 14, 11:00-13:00 - Hall Einstein
Chair: Denis Sautier, CIRAD, France
11:00 Assessing the potential of territoriality in advancing agricultural and rural development
Julian Quan, University of Greenwich, UK
11:20 Understanding the impact of economic globalization on local sustainability with global value chain governance – literature review and research agenda
Pierre-Marie Aubert, IDDRI, France
11:40 Sustainability assessment in local and global food chains. A comparative study in the French wine industry
Yuna Chiffoleau and Jean-Marc Touzard, INRA, France
12:00 A hybrid perspective of political economy and socio-ecology to study the multidimensionality of agri-chains and the complexity of sustainable development: connecting scales and dynamics throughout selected case-studies in Colombia
Martin Bermudez-Urdaneta, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
12:20 Agri-chains and territories "Zero-Deforestation": what role for the payments for environmental services?
Alain Karsenty, CIRAD, France
12:40 Vulnerability and resilience modelling for sustainable food systems
Paolo Prosperi, University of Pisa, Italy

Session 12 “Methods and challenges in assessing sustainability in agri-chains”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 11:00-13:00 - Room Sully 1
Chair: Flavia Fabiano, CIRAD, France
11:00 Towards a harmonized framework for assessing the sustainability of agricultural value chains: identification of key challenges and perspectives for research
 Frédéric Lançon, CIRAD, France
11:15 Towards a harmonized framework for assessing the sustainability of agricultural chains: propositions for building a multidisciplinary dialogue
Pierre Martin, CIRAD, France
11:30 Practical Analysis of inclusive and sustainable value chains: the case of Rice value chain in Mali
Fayçal  Boureima, Free lance consultant of environmental assessment of value chains, Doriane Desclee, Freelance in development Economics, Switzerland
11:50 No time to rest on one's laurels - A SMART sustainability assessment induced further optimization on a banana plantation in Costa Rica
Jan Landert, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland
12:00 Using SMART to compare social, economic, environmental and governance impacts of certification at smallholder farm level
 Jan Landert, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland
12:10 EX-ACT VC: An innovative tool to assess multi-benefits of food value chains
Anass Toudert, FAO, Italy
12:20 A Porter Diamond-based approach to assess the role of innovative local food systems in the territorial integrated sustainable development: the case of Cilento Eco-Region
 Cesare Zanasi, University of Bologna, Italy
12:40 Discussion

Session 13 “Multi-stakeholder partnerships towards food security and sustainable value chains” 

Tuesday Dec 13, 17:00-18:00 - Room Sully 1
Chair: Yté Wongbé, CNRA, Ivory Coast
17:00 Institutional Food Procurement Programmes: key aspects for programing and policy design
Florence Tartanac, FAO, Italy
17:20 Development of the rice value chain in Guinea though support for female rice parboilers and a collective interprofessional trademark
Floriane Thouillot, GRET, France
17:30 Local products for urban market's supply: Experiments in the region of Seam Reap (Cambodia)
Martine François, GRET, France
17:40 BiomassNet: a stakeholder network for promoting innovation in food and non-food biomass-based value webs in Africa
Nikoas Böehlke, University of Bonn, Germany

Session 14 “Connecting value chains, natural resource management and sustainable farming systems – Participatory diagnosis and collective action” 

Wednesday Dec. 14, 11:00-13:00 - Room Louisville
Chair: Patrice Ygué Adegbola, INRAB, Benin
11:00 Dealing with the challenge of sustainable water resource management in food chain development
Jean-Louis Fusillier, Caroline Lejars
11:20 The limits and opportunities of the entrepreneurship injunction in collective irrigation: the case of horticultural value chain in Mozambique
Raphaelle Ducrot, Wilson De Sousa, Etevaldo Cheveia, Joaquim Faduco, Paiva Muguambe
11:40 Environmental impacts of agricultural practices and Water and Soil Conservation Works: The case of the Merguellil catchment
Meriem Jouini, Julien Burte, Carole Sinfort
12:00 The Extent and Determinants of Postharvest Losses: Evidence from the Cooking Banana Value Chain in Uganda
Stanslus Okurut, Makerere University, Uganda
12:20 Strategic planning for sustainable organic hillside agriculture with a farming system and value chain model in Nicoya, Guanacaste.
Jeroen Houdijk, CATIE, Costa Rica
12:30 PGS – A successful convergence between natural resources management and value chain development
Martine François, GRET, France
12:40 Discussion

Session 15 “Building sustainability in value chains – Assessing firm strategies”

Tuesday Dec. 13, 17:00-18:00 - Room Sully 2
Chair: Isabelle Vagneron, CIRAD, Laos
17:00 On the learning curve: sustainability in the making in the Laotian coffee sector
Chitpasong Kousonsavath, National University, Laos
17:20 Fish labels as firm's strategic tools for sustainable aquaculture and traditional fisheries
Paolo Prosperi, University of Pisa, Italy
17:30 Facilitated discussions with speakers and poster presenters of sessions 4 and 15

Isabelle Baltenweck, ILRI and Djiby Dia, ISRA

Last update: 23 February 2017

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